The End of The Hitching Post Vermont

Dear friends, supporters, and advocates,

It is with a heavy heart that I am announcing the official dissolution of The Hitching Post Vermont as an organization.  A unanimous vote from the board of directors, in agreement with the executive director (myself), confirmed the direction I sensed the organization was headed when the pandemic lockdown hit nearly three years ago.  

Much was accomplished and, yet, much was left unaccomplished.

In many ways, both personally and professionally, my world has changed dramatically.  I am a father and part-time stay-at-home dad now, with another on the way.  I am working as a bike mechanic and manager for the community bike shop, Freeride Montpelier.  We now have a thriving homestead – sheep, chickens, fruit trees, etc.  

And we are still in a global pandemic.

These changes have shifted my time, energy and focus away from the activities of The Hitching Post Vermont and on to other pursuits.  I believe that without someone to champion the entire process – from idea to implementation – as well as being a regular user, then this vision would be impossible.  The promise of a thriving network of decentralized, community-built and supported transportation would not come to fruition.

So is this the end or the beginning?

At the core, I’ve always believed this was an open-source idea.  The vision of Hitching Posts spreading across our region would never come to be if there weren’t open and transparent processes for how to make it happen.  So, no, this is not the end.  The Hitching Post Vermont as an organization is ceasing to be, but for anyone wanting to take the mantle, we will support you with strategy, advice, and a vision of what could be.  You may see the existing Hitching Posts being taken down, but the idea will live on and return when the times ask it to.

Peace for now,

Phoenix Mitchell
The Hitching Post Vermont

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