The Hitching Post Hub

A big part of The Hitching Post: Phase 2 is the introduction of The Hitching Post Hub. We needed a way to have multiple departure points from Montpelier and instead of determining which was the single best location to provide a return-trip journey for riders, we thought that one central location would be far easier!

But how do riders indicate where they are headed? Colored flags!

We decided that colored flags, one for each town’s Hitching Post would be a clear method for showing drivers where the rider is hoping to get a ride. This Flag Legend (pictured below) at each Hitching Post Hub indicates the color and associated destination/Hitching Post.

Headed to the Post Office Cafe in Worcester? Raise the White Flag!

Need to meet someone at Red Hen Baking in Middlesex? Raise the Red Flag!

Want to get down to Northfield and visit the best coffeeshop/brewery combo in Vermont, Carrier Roasting and Good Measure Brewing? Raise the Green Flag!

All destinations have their own Hitching Post and as more Hitching Posts are added, more flags will be added! There’s no limit! (well, actually there is, but we’re not there yet). In fact, multiple flags can be raised at the same time in the case of multiple riders wanting to use the Hitching Post simultaneously. One, two or three flags can be raised at any time!

Give the Hitching Post Hub a try and I’m certain you will enjoy the experience!

The Hitching Post Vermont

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