The Hitching Post: Phase 2 Launch Event

Announcing The Hitching Post: Phase 2 Launch Event on Saturday November 16th, 2019! Come celebrate with all the riders, drivers, hard work and enthusiasm that has come out of the last few months as well as the installation of four new Hitching Posts: The Hunger Mountain Co-op, Montpelier; Red Hen Baking and downtown Putnamville, Middlesex; and Depot Square, Northfield. We are very excited to see these new towns/businesses taking leadership roles and expanding The Hitching Post Network!

The event will consist of each town (Northfield, Middlesex, Putnamville) meeting at their respective Hitching Post then Coffee-Pooling to the Hunger Mountain Co-op Hitching Post Hub! We will all convene there, where we can circle, meet one another, drink free coffee and answer questions. The timeline is as follows:

On the morning of Saturday November 16th, 2019,

10 AM – 10:15 AM: Meet and mingle with others at your town’s Hitching Post. Complimentary coffee/snacks will be available to attendees!

10:15 AM: Coffee-Pool to the Hunger Mountain Co-op, Montpelier. We will need drivers to volunteer to share their vehicle for the whole trip. Riders: don’t forget to sign in to the Hitching Post Ride Register!

10:30 AM – 11 AM: Meet and mingle with others at The Hitching Post Hub at the Hunger Mountain Co-op, Montpelier. Drink more complimentary coffee.

11 AM: Officially launch The Hitching Post: Phase 2! Take pictures, drink warm things, eat snacks, ask questions, be merry. Hopefully some press will be there (I think they will).

11:30 AM: Coffee-Pool home. Riders: don’t forget to sign in to the Hitching Post Register again!

That’s all for now! RSVP by commenting here or at The Hitching Post Facebook Group.

See you then!
The Hitching Post Vermont

5 thoughts on “The Hitching Post: Phase 2 Launch Event

  1. Will try to be at Hunger Mt for this event (although will forgo the coffee). There’s local interest in setting up Hitching Posts from Marshfield and Plainfield to Montpelier.
    Much appreciation for what’s been accomplished in Phase 1.

    1. Sounds good Laura! I assume you know Nancy? See below from the Facebook Group:

      Nancy Ellen: If you’re interested in attending the launch on Saturday, there are some folks meeting at the Old Schoolhouse Common in Marshfield at 10 to carpool/convoy over. They’ll stop at the church wall in Plainfield around 10:15 as well.

  2. RSVPing! I will be a driver or rider from downtown Putnamville to Hunger Mountain Co op. Looking forward to it! Congratulations!

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