The Hitching Post: Phase 2

Welcome to The Hitching Post Vermont Blog! This will be the new location for future announcements and updates!  We started on Facebook (and will continue that group for ride requests, feedback, pictures and video, etc.), but using the The Hitching Post Vermont Facebook Group exclusively for announcements and comments left out a bunch of people who prefer not to use that platform and probably never will.

Hence, this blog.

Please do comment on or share these blog posts. All blog posts will be replicated to The Hitching Post Vermont Facebook Group as well.

Back to the exciting news!

We have three new Hitching Posts being launched next month!  The Hunger Mountain Co-op, Montpelier; Red Hen Baking, Middlesex; and Depot Square, Northfield.  We are very excited to see these new towns/businesses taking leadership roles and expanding The Hitching Post Network!  With these new Hitching Posts, also, comes a modification to the Coffee-Pooling program.

First a little history…

The Hitching Post launched Coffee-Pooling July, 27th 2019 with the first two Hitching Posts installed at the Post Office Cafe, Worcester; and Birchgrove Baking, Montpelier. Cafes being natural gathering places, I thought it made sense to put the first two Hitching Posts at those locations (plus I live in Worcester).  After the awesome initial launch party, we received all kinds of media coverage including VPR, WFFF / WVNY TV News, and the Times Argus, among others (more links in the The Hitching Post Vermont Facebook Group).  Over the past 2.5 months we’ve seen a bunch of riders and drivers meeting at these two Hitching Posts and sharing rides together.

How we’re evolving…

This launch showed me the immense generosity of drivers and that they aren’t sharing rides for the Coffee-Coins.  They’re stopping because they want to support their neighbors and they believe in their communities.  Coffee-Coins just add an unnecessary (although fun!) layer of complexity.  So we are moving away from Coffee-Coins for future locations and sticking with Hitching Posts.  Coffee-Pooling will still be a central program to The Hitching Post, but minus the Coffee-Coins.  Cafes will always be excellent neighborhood gathering places and natural spots for new Hitching Posts. Coffee-Coins will still be accepted at the Post Office Cafe and Birchgrove Baking, but will no longer be sold nor necessary for Coffee-Pooling.

Goodbye Coffee-Coins and Hello to The Hitching Post Phase 2!

More updates coming soon!


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